As we become aware of the issues surrounding the fashion industry, we begin to question where our clothes come from. When fashion brands say they are eco-friendly and want to reduce their impact on the planet, it’s easier for consumers to make an informed decision, when these brands have certifications to show their formal commitment to these goals.

Certifications are awarded when a third party assesses a brand and their supply chain to confirm that they satisfy the requirements. There are a range of different certifications available, and they provide consumers with assurance of what criteria brands have met.


Refer below for a list of certifications and further details about each one:


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sets both social and environmental standards for the whole textile supply chain, based on the use of certified organic fibres. A variety of criteria must be satisfied throughout the production process, from the growing of the crop, through to the final product. The organic cotton used in both our KEEPER Denim jeans and tote bags is GOTS certified.


The OEKO-TEX® certification confirms no toxic substances are contained within a product, ensuring maximum safety for consumers. The denim we use in our KEEPER Denim jeans is Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certified and is sourced from ISKO, one of the largest denim mills in the world, where sustainability is at the centre of everything they do.


To obtain the Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) accreditation status, a brand’s entire supply chain within Australia is audited by an officer from the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union to ensure that the local garment workers are being paid appropriately, receive their full legal entitlements, and have safe working conditions. The audit includes workers from all the different stages of the manufacturing process, such as in design, pattern making, cut, make and trim and all value adding services. To maintain the accreditation, a business’s supply chain is audited annually.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organisation in the world. This certification confirms that our jeans are made without any animal products, so they are free from materials such as leather, silk, wool and cashmere. Our KEEPER Denim brand patch on the back of each pair of our jeans is made from a material called Jacron, instead of the traditional leather patch. Our jeans have recently received the PETA-Approved Vegan certification.


Fair Trade supports farmers and working communities in developing countries by ensuring they work under safe conditions and receive fair prices for their products. A Fair Trade certification confirms that a brand pays fair wages to workers in developing countries and ensures that all employees work in safe conditions. It focuses on both the rights of garment workers and the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.


We hope this summary of will make things a little easier when it comes to looking for ethical and sustainable fashion that has third party certifications. It can certainly be overwhelming at times and here at KEEPER Denim we are all about making it easier for you!

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