The idea of a capsule wardrobe is not new, but now summer is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to create one for the new season. So, this is our KEEPER Denim guide to building one. But first…


It is a collection of a few essential and timeless pieces of clothing that won't go out of fashion. You can pair them with other basic and seasonal items to create a variety of different looks. A capsule wardrobe can include as few as 10 pieces or as many as 50 pieces, if they are items you will wear, it's completely up to you!


Some of the things I think about before I start:

  • Do I have any events coming up?
  • Roughly how many pieces I would like in my capsule wardrobe? – but there’s no rules!
  • Do I want to buy any new pieces or only use items I already own?
  • What is my colour palette?


  1. Begin by putting away/storing your winter clothes that you won’t be wearing for the next few months.
  2. Then gather all the summer items that you already have in your wardrobe and lay them out to decide which ones you would like to keep as part of this capsule wardrobe.
  3. Once you have decided which ones to include, sort them into categories, for example put tall the t-shirts together, the dresses etc as it will be easier to see if you have any gaps once you do this.
  4. If you have identified any gaps, you can now start to research and decide where to purchase these new additions from.


If you’re feeling a bit stuck and not sure where to start, I have put together a list of wardrobe staples to help you:

  • A white t-shirt
  • Camisole
  • Tank top
  • Light weight jumper
  • Cardigan jumper
  • Blazer
  • Pair of jeans
  • Linen shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Short day dress
  • Long maxi dress

After wearing your new capsule wardrobe for at least 3 months, you can go back to some of the clothes you put into storage. Now that you have had time away from them, see how you feel and decide if you want to add them into your capsule wardrobe or donate them to charity.

Don’t forget to use this KEEPER Denim’s beginners guide on how to create a capsule wardrobe when you next decide to sort through your clothes!

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