We are now in July, which means it is the start of the Plastic Free July challenge!

Did you know it only takes one minute to create one tonne of plastic waste? That is enough to fill a shipping container, every single minute!

Plastic is also the second biggest factor contributing to climate change, so if we don’t take action and try to reduce our use of plastics, it will have a huge impact on wildlife and the natural world as we know it today.


Plastic Free July is an initiative that focuses on reducing our plastic waste, to help our planet and create a better future. As many as 326 million people from around the world have taken part in this movement! Visit the official website here for further information on the campaign and how you can get involved.

When we choose to live more sustainably, we start to focus on products that have social, environmental, and economic benefits throughout their life cycle. When it comes to plastic, this means finding alternative products to replace the conventional plastic options. It certainly can feel overwhelming when you first start to live more sustainably, but you don’t have to be perfect, it’s journey and we are always learning new ways of doing things. At KEEPER Denim we believe we can all have a positive impact on the world, by taking small steps each day, together we can create a better future.

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, there are easy ways you can start to implement these changes each day. When it comes to plastic, we have some great suggestions that you can implement as part of the Plastic Free July challenge, see below:


Most single-use coffee cups have a wax coating on them, so even though they are made from paper, they can’t be recycled. Next time you grab a coffee from your local café, take a reusable cup with you!


Avoid purchasing plastic water bottles and instead remember to bring a reusable water bottle whenever you leave home.


When you next go to do your grocery shopping, opt for fruit and vegetables that aren’t pre-wrapped in plastic. Instead of putting loose items in plastic bags, bring your own reusable produce bags to the shops with you.


These are great to take grocery shopping or just whenever you leave the house! Our KEEPER Denim Tote Bag is a great one to add to your collection and its made from GOTS certified organic cotton!


Replace your conventional shampoo and conditioner that come in single-use plastic bottles, with a bar, reducing plastic in your home and saving you money at the same time.


Don’t forget to refer to this KEEPER Denim guide on how to reduce single-use plastics, not only for Plastic Free July but also afterwards, because when we take care of the planet, we are creating a better future for many generations.

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