When we started KEEPER Denim, we didn’t just want to create sustainable products, we wanted to reduce our overall impact on the planet. This meant considering all aspects of our supply chain, including the sourcing of the raw materials used to create our products and the manufacturing and packaging of them when we send them out to you!

An aspect that is often forgotten by businesses, is the packaging of their products and making sure that it aligns with their brand’s values. There are many environmentally friendly options when it comes to sustainable packaging.


Swing Tags

Our KEEPER Denim swing tags are attached to each pair of jeans, and they are made from 100% recycled paper.

Thank You Notes

With each order, we include a handwritten thank you note to say thanks for supporting our brand and everything that we stand for. These notes are printed on 100% recycled paper and our logo has been printed on it with environmentally friendly inks and toners.

Tissue Paper

We individually hand wrap your pieces in recyclable, acid free tissue paper made from recycled materials.

Branded Adhesive Label

We then seal the package with a branded adhesive label printed with environmentally friendly inks and toners.


The pieces are then placed in a recyclable cardboard box, to be delivered to your door. You can reuse the box for anything you need but some ideas include storage, office desk container or gift wrapping.


Dissolvable Packaging Peanuts

These are great for fragile items that are shipped to you to make sure they’re protected during the transit process. Once you open your package, just tip these into your sink and pour water on them, they will disintegrate and dissolve into nothing – perfect to reduce waste!

Hex Wrap

Think of this as the paper alternative to plastic bubble wrap. It is thick corrugated paper that is perfect for wrapping items, plus once you’ve finished with it you can reuse it for when you next wrap up a gift.

Compostable Mailers

These are mail bags made from corn-starch. They are strong, durable and waterproof making them a great packaging option. Once you open the mail bag, all you need to do is place it in your home compostable bin and it will breakdown.

Packaging you can Plant

Did you know there is paper that has plant seeds embedded in them, so once you’ve finished with the paper, you wet it with some water and place it in a pot or in your garden and it will grow!


So there we have it, a summary of all the sustainable packaging elements we use at KEEPER Denim to help reduce our impact on the environment, plus some other alternative sustainable packaging options that you can keep a look out for when you next order something online.

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