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Originally published 7 December 2019 by The Post Newspaper.⁣

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How often do you think about how the clothes you wear affect you and the environment?

Keeper Denim is a new West Perth-based startup proving that it’s possible to merge sustainability, ethics and style. The label is challenging the “fast fashion” industry and its low-quality mass-produced clothing, poor working conditions and its harmful effect on the environment.

By using small production runs and sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled materials, Keeper Denim makes ethical jeans with reduced waste and minimal environmental impact.

The company says that conventional cotton, which is used to make most jeans, is grown using a host of synthetic chemicals, accounting for approximately 16% of the world’s insecticide use and more than 7% of the world’s pesticide use. These cause damage to the environment and they are also harmful to the health of both farmers and consumers.

According to Keeper Denim, globally, six billion pairs of conventional, non-sustainable jeans are made each year, with a chemical intensive production process involving heavy metals and bleach. Working with such substances has a negative effect on both the health of the garment workers and the environment.

When you wear clothes containing these toxic chemicals, they can be absorbed through the skin.

Keeper Denim is hoping to solve these issues by using organic cotton and a toxic-free production process to make comfortable and stylish jeans.

Kate Bartuccio, Founder of Keeper Denim, wanted to follow her passion for style and sustainability.

“I watched a documentary called The True Cost, which focuses on the fast fashion industry and the many sweat shops in the developing world,” she said.

Keeper Denim’s Elwood skinny jean is available through their Kickstarter campaign.

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