Carbon emissions, mass consumption and water pollution are some of the major environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry.

Since the beginning, we at KEEPER Denim wanted to give back by donating to charities that are doing incredible work to help heal these effects on our planet.

During our first year, we supported the International Elephant Project and their work in the conservation of Elephants in Sumatra and protecting their natural environment. They do this through the protection of rainforests and local community partnerships.

One of the main threats these elephants in this region face is loss of habitat, due to forests being cleared for agriculture. They enter the farms for food, causing conflict between the farmers and the elephants. The International Elephant Project work with the local communities to help reduce these issues through education and by protecting the elephants’ natural habitat. With a hope to create an environment where both humans and elephants can co-exist.

Now that KEEPER Denim is in our second year, we have chosen to focus on the effects of water pollution and the toxic production process of the fashion industry that contributes to this issue.

Synthetic chemicals are used in the growing of many raw materials such as conventional cotton, as well as the dyeing of various fabrics. The contaminated wastewater run-off from these processes is often dumped into streams, polluting local waterways, effecting the health and wellbeing of the people who live in the surrounding areas.

That is why we now donate $5 from each pair of KEEPER Denim jeans sold to

  • Did you know 785 million people — 1 in 9 — lack access to water and 2 billion – about 1 in 3 – lack access to sanitation?

Women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection, meaning they often don’t have time to go to work, school, or care for their family. So, the lack of water and sanitation often keeps women in the cycle of poverty. When women have access to safe water it’s empowering, as it provides them with the ability to pursue other opportunities including work, enabling them to contribute to the household income.

In addition to this, approximately 1 million people die per year from water and hygiene related diseases. Access to safe, clean water and sanitation has a significant impact on preventing the spread of infectious diseases and improving the health and wellbeing of people effected. is an international non-profit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world with access to safe water and sanitation. They do this by empowering families through access to affordable financing and expert resources to make household water and sanitation solutions a reality. They have several services that they offer to the 11 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America where they work to achieve this through their WaterCredit Initiative®. This involves working with local finance partners to create small loans for water and sanitation solutions. These finance partners then raise funding to provide small affordable loans to people who are in need, so they can put a tap or a toilet in their homes.

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