With everything that is happening to our planet today due to climate change, we can often feel like these changes are out of our control. You might think to yourself – I’m only one person, how can anything that I do have an influence on the planet? Well, the answer is… A LOT! It can feel overwhelming when you first start to live more sustainably but remember - you don’t need to be perfect. We are always learning new ways of doing things and at KEEPER Denim we believe we can all have a positive impact on the world, by taking small steps each day.

No matter where you are on your sustainability journey, there are easy ways you can start to implement these changes. A great place to start is your self-care routine. We use these products every day and there are many options to choose from when it comes to a sustainable self-care routine that reduce our need for single-use plastics.


Firstly, look through your bathroom cupboards and drawers. Start to sort through your items and see which ones have expired or you don’t use anymore. It’s easy to accumulate a range of products over the years that end up at the back of the cupboard without being used. So, this is a great time to strip back your collection to a small number of products that you can use every day.

See below for our top 5 sustainable alternatives that you can add to your bathroom to reduce the number of single-use plastics:


Replace your conventional shampoo and conditioner that come in single-use plastic bottles, with a bar, reducing plastic in your home and saving you money at the same time. Another thing to keep in mind is often the main ingredient in conventional shampoo and conditioners is water. However, when you purchase bars, you’re getting 100% of the active ingredients, so they will last much longer. Shampoo With A Purpose is an incredible Australian brand helping to reduce the plastic bottles in our bathrooms, check out their website here.


The most common form of deodorants come in a metal can or plastic roll-on tube which are discarded once they’re finished, typically ending up in landfill. Refillable deodorant has solved this problem. You can now buy roll-on deodorant in a reusable tube, so when it’s finished, you purchase a refill to replenish your tube. ASUVI in Australia are leading the way with refillable deodorant, see their website for more.


Conventional make up wipes are having a negative impact on the planet as they are single-use and are typically not compostable or biodegradable, so they remain in landfill and don’t break down over time. But here is a solution – you can purchase reusable make up wipes that you just add water to, and it will easily wash your makeup off each day. Sabbia Co offer some amazing products, see their website to learn more.


Silk dental floss is a great alternative to conventional dental floss. Firstly, it is biodegradable, secondly it often comes in a glass container, compared to conventional floss which is packaged in a plastic container. Eorth offer silk dental floss, see their website here to find out more.


Single-use, plastic razors are the most common form of razors when you go to your local supermarket, but there is a better way. Introducing the reusable razor, it looks the same as a plastic one, however it is made of metal and lasts forever! Kappi offer an incredible range of safety razors, check out their website here.


We hope you found this KEEPER Denim guide to a sustainable beauty routine helpful. Remember, you don’t have to do everything 100% perfectly, if each of us make small changes to our daily routines, we can change the world for the better!

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