Ethical Brunswick Brand, KEEPER Denim Needs Kick Start to Launch Sustainable Label

Originally published 7 December 2019 by Grace McKinnon Leyton in The Herald Sun.

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Uber-cool new Brunswick brand Keeper Fashion’s #GirlBoss co-founder is fighting fast fashion – and looking good while she does it. Here’s how you can help kickstart the sustainable label.

Brunswick-made jeans from Keeper Denim are one of the few sustainable denim brands in the country.

But they need help to get off the ground.

Made from Australian sustainable materials including organic cotton and recycled materials, the innovative Aussie brand is fighting fast fashion – and looking good doing it.

The brand source denim from organic suppliers with a transparent supply chain to help minimise their environmental footprint and look after their farmers, garment workers and consumers.

Keeper Denim Founder Kate Bartuccio said keeping it local in Brunswick meant garments could be ethical from start to finish.

“It was really important to us to have our jeans manufactured in Australia as this supports local economic growth and increases employment opportunities,” she said.

“Our jeans are crafted and detailed locally by expert artisans in a factory in Brunswick East.

“It is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, which ensures local garment workers are paid fairly, receive all their legal entitlements and work in safe conditions.”

The first product released of the line was the Elwood Skinny Jean – a high-waited, skinny, ankle cut design.

Ms Bartuccio said garment workers is the developing world were forced to work in unsafe conditions with low wages and limited rights, and this was the real cost of fast fashion.

She said the brand was asking consumers to think about where their clothing comes from, and to realise someone else is paying the cost of cheap garments.

Keeper Denim are still in their infancy and asking Melburnians to buy a pair and join the “denim revolution” to get their first major line of production up.

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